Our Pastor (Senior Servant)

Reverend Peter R. Blue Sr.

I am deeply humbled and honored to be the recipient of this great call to serve the St. Matthews Baptist Church as Pastor. This marks a great and historical milestone in my life. I am immensely grateful and appreciative to the officers and members of St. Matthews. I also acknowledge the shoulders of great leadership and wisdom that has come before me from my Pastor Reverend Dr. Maxwell M. Washington.

I praise God for the family God birthed me into, the families gained from every church where I was trusted to preach the Gospel, the families I have been blessed to mesh with while matriculating throughout my various posts in DC Government and those that have pushed and prayed me through tumultuous and traumatic trial of life. To those that Lord has called home to see this moment from a different location and to all that have encountered me at some point in my life’s journey, whether major or minor, for every moment I am grateful.

To my wife Evelyn, I am overjoyed to be experiencing what the Lord showed me when we said “I do”. Your love, patience, persistence, and unwavering support are paramount in my life. And to my sons Nick and Peter Jr. thanks for keeping me on my toes, and to our twin boys on the way who I can imagine won't let me sit still!

St. Matthews let’s keep our hands to the plow as Pastor and People! We will answer the call together to serve this branch of Zion in communities both near and far, while working faithfully to encourage, enhance and enlighten God’s people to grow and prosper from the inside out.

To God Be The Glory,

Reverend Peter R. Blue Sr

  July 2021  
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